Respo was designed specifically to stay out of your way and automatically jump in only when it sees an opportunity to help. However, this guide can help get you started and shed some light on best practices to make sure you get the most out of Respo.



Let’s be honest, who reads the entire instruction manual? Here are the quick tips and notes for using Respo:

  • Respo works best in channels that are designed for teams to go to get help and where your witty banter is kept to a minimum. We suggest starting off with customer support channels, internal support, and product question channels.

  • We encourage our users to engage with the feedback buttons to indicate whether or not a response was helpful. This is the best way for Respo to learn and improve.

  • Respo DMs are a great place for users to ask questions if they think it may have already been asked. It declutters channels and helps your team focus on what matters.

  • Keep in mind that Respo responds to questions that have already been asked, so it can take some time to build up that knowledge base. One way to speed that process up is to post questions in a channel where Respo has been invited and post the answer to the question in a thread. You’ll be helping members of the channel and helping Respo seed those questions for future use!



If you haven’t already, start by installing Respo to your workspace by following this link. When going through this workflow, you’ll be asked to add Respo to a channel. We suggest that you pick a public channel that’s typically used for Q&A. For example, #support or #product-questions would be great places to start, but you may want to leave Respo out of #general or #water-cooler-chat.



If you think Respo could be particularly helpful in a specific channel, simply “/invite @Respo” in the channel or mention @Respo. Respo will immediately start collecting any new questions. You can also remove Respo from any channel, at which point Respo immediately stops collecting questions from that channel.



Now that you’ve installed Respo and have invited it to a channel that frequently has great questions, Respo is automatically picking up any questions asked in that channel. Respo’s AI will automatically filter out non-essential questions, from the important ones. Over time Respo will build a rich knowledge base.



At some point, once Respo has enough questions in it’s knowledge base, if it sees an incoming question in a channel that it has been invited to and has seen the question before (but perhaps worded differently), Respo will privately let that user know.


If the user finds the linked questions helpful, by clicking “This helped!”, Respo will start a thread to the question to let other user’s know that the question has already been answered. Alternatively, if Respo’s AI missed the mark, the user can always click “Not relevant”, and Respo’s response will be minimized and that feedback will be used to improve future interactions.



Once you start getting a hang of Respo and you know that Respo may have the answer, you can reach out to Respo directly! You can do this one of two ways:

  1. You can mention @Respo in a public channel that Respo has been invited to, and only you will see Respo’s response unless you decide to push it to a thread. Doing so will let other teammates know that you’ve asked Respo first.

  2. You can send a direct message to Respo. If Respo doesn’t have a good answer for you, you can easily forward your question to any channel that you're a member of.


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